Tips on Metal Detecting

Treasure hunting has always been an exciting game for many people. Doing it as a hobby adds excitement and thrill to your weekend getaway. In order to find something bigger than the usual pennies and junkies, knowing the right tips on metal detecting will give you the needed edge. Indeed, rare treasures are hard to find, but won’t be long before you find them.

Metal detecting is a game of chance and luck. Some days you feel you’re fortunate, the rest of the days you are miserable. Be prepared to come home with nothing but junkies. It’s just the way it is and there’s not much you can do about it but to accept it. A typical metal detecting activity will result to 80% trash and 20% usable objects.

But don’t take my word for it because it all depends on where you are heading to and how much knowledge you have about metal hunting.

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What kind of metal detector to choose a child?


Have you ever faced a situation, when your child loves spending time outdoors? Or at the same time, like a lot of other kids – dreams of finding a treasure? For a case like that we have exactly what you, or rather your child, needs – metal detector fro kids. He (or she!) will be glad and you’ll be calm when you know that your child has an interesting task to do during summer vacations.

Buying a metal detector for children is ideal because your kids will have his own device and they will not ask to use yours, probably expensive detector. Children, who take part in such a search, become interested in history, archeology, and spend more time outside, in fresh air – which is important for a young, rapidly developing organism.

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What metal detector to buy for kids?

Continuing the previous article, let’s consider a couple popular models of metal detector for kids that will surely be a great gift for your kids. In this article we wrote reviews of the best in our opinion metal detector. He or she definitely will be delighted — in fact now the kid will have his own metal detector, like an adult!

Bounty Hunter Junior

This metal detector is perfect for kids who want to start doing metal search. The model is made of lightweight, durable materials, it is perfectly balanced, so that your child’s hand will not get tired during the search. Control unit of this metal detector is made as simple and straightforward as possible. It has two controls: on/off switch and sensitivity adjustment. Simply turn it on, set the sensitivity and go search for treasure. The 6-inch coil installed on the device is very compact and manoeuvrable, which allows working with it not only in fields, forests, but also in coastal areas and in shallow waters. With this device your child will feel like a real treasure hunter.

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Top 5 best metal detectors for kids

Bounty Hunter JUNIOR

One of the very few best metal detectors for kids!

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector offering professional level features at a junior size and an affordable price.

Your junior detectorist will be entertained for hours hunting for buried treasure.

This detector is lightweight, ergonomic, and has an adjustable shaft to grow with your child and their sense of adventure.

The Bounty Hunter Junior is metal detecting coil is weather resistant, and the control panel includes an easy-to-use intensity meter, sensitivity control, discrimination control, and low-battery indicator.


— Light, small and practical.
— 6-inch coil.
— Sees coins up to 5,11 inch deep.
— Discrimination enabled.
— Powered by 2 batteries.
— For ages 4 – 8.
— Wight — 0.8kg.
— Compact – fits into a suitcase.

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector Specifications:
— Depth Detection: 5″ for coin-size objects; 2″ for large objects.
— Operates on Two 9-Volt Alkaline Batteries.
— Visual Target System: Intensity Meter.
— Preset Ground Balance: Neutralizes the response to ground mineral content.
— Modes of Operation: Motion all-metal mode and progressive discrimination.
— Audio Feedback: Internal speaker.
— Coil System: 6½» Closed Weather Resistant.
— Lightweight, Ergonomic Design.

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metal detectors for beach

How choice metal detectors for beach.

Search with a metal detector on the beach is fundamentally different from the old coins search around the countryside. Beach hunting is a hobby for people who won’t be confused by the prospect of hundreds of questions asked by vacationers and simply beach onlookers.

Any ground metal detector, even the most budgetary one, is suitable to proceed with searching across the sandy beach areas, due to the fact that the findings’ depth of occurrence in the sand is usually not large, although there might be some exceptions. Standard Garrett ACE 250 or Teknetics Alpha 2000 will be more than enough.

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