What metal detector to buy for kids?

Continuing the previous article, let’s consider a couple popular models of metal detector for kids that will surely be a great gift for your kids. In this article we wrote reviews of the best in our opinion metal detector. He or she definitely will be delighted — in fact now the kid will have his own metal detector, like an adult!

Bounty Hunter Junior

This metal detector is perfect for kids who want to start doing metal search. The model is made of lightweight, durable materials, it is perfectly balanced, so that your child’s hand will not get tired during the search. Control unit of this metal detector is made as simple and straightforward as possible. It has two controls: on/off switch and sensitivity adjustment. Simply turn it on, set the sensitivity and go search for treasure. The 6-inch coil installed on the device is very compact and manoeuvrable, which allows working with it not only in fields, forests, but also in coastal areas and in shallow waters. With this device your child will feel like a real treasure hunter.

(This is a powerful toy, with nice features. It can detect smaller metal objects at a depth of more than 10 cm. Works in different modes of discrimination — you can set the type of metal you need when searching.

Information about the qualities of the find is conveyed by different audible signals, as well as on a needle indicator. In this case, the sound amplifies when you approach the object. Powered by two 9V batteries.)

Garrett ACE 150

Garrett Ace

One of the simplest and inexpensive metal detectors, the youngest model in legendary Garrett’s line. Ideal metal detector for kids and adolescents to search for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the simplicity of the interface, you can learn to use the device in a couple of outings. This device is controlled by the on / off button, sensitivity control dial and a preset switch with 3 search modes. With its sensitivity control, the device can detect objects on different depths. Lightness and strength of this model plays an important role when used by kids, which makes it an excellent choice for small searchers.

Go-Find 20 Minelab

Minelab Go-Find 20


New for the 2015 season — Go-Find 20 model from a new Minelab line! This model is characterized by maximum simplicity of controls, compact design, ease of use and good depth of search. You won’t have to do any complicated manipulations to start the device. Your kids just needs to open the metal detector, switch on the power and press the «FIND» button – it’s ready to go. This new model has all the necessary search functions, like discrimination, sensitivity adjustment, volume control and two search programs. Compact folding design, light weight, as well as a waterproof coil will make search a real pleasure for your kids and will bring lots and lots of unforgettable impressions.

ModelRecommendationWhere to buy/Price
Bounty Hunter JUNIOR
Best Buy
Garrett ACE 150
Go-Find 20 Minelab