metal detectors for beach

How choice metal detectors for beach.

Search with a metal detector on the beach is fundamentally different from the old coins search around the countryside. Beach hunting is a hobby for people who won’t be confused by the prospect of hundreds of questions asked by vacationers and simply beach onlookers.

Any ground metal detector, even the most budgetary one, is suitable to proceed with searching across the sandy beach areas, due to the fact that the findings’ depth of occurrence in the sand is usually not large, although there might be some exceptions. Standard Garrett ACE 250 or Teknetics Alpha 2000 will be more than enough.

Requirements for the coil size.

It is a fact of common knowledge that to identify the target more accurately, it is necessary to minimize the search coil coverage for no more than one target, and since our beaches hide in their depths a large amount of metal debris, we must approach the coil selection with understanding. So, the search coil on the beach should not be big! An ellipse-shaped coil should be no more than 6×10 inches, a round one — no more than 8 inches, and the ideal size is about 6 inches.

Requirements for the coil type.

As for the beach, many recommend only mono coils, we do not adhere to this opinion and I think that one can make use of both, Mono and DD.

Requirements for the detector frequency.

As mentioned above, you can conduct the search with even the cheapest underground metal detector, but it is better to choose the best beach metal detector of your budget permits, which can work at a high frequency, 13 kHz, 15 kHz and even higher. The first advantage is that high frequency is sharpened for more precise definition of small targets, such as earrings, chains, small rings, etc. The second advantage is that it clings well to objects with an average electrical conductivity that is gold. The third advantage implies the improved disjunction of metals. The fourth advantage of a high-frequency coil is the high degree of protection from electrical noise that is highly probable in urban area.

What finds can be done on the beach. Most of it is comprised of beer lids, without which one can hardly imagine a modern beach. Apart from these, there is a modern trifle, then gold and jewelry.