best beach metal detector

What is the best beach metal detector?

To begin with, you need to decide on the price category, say you can allow yourself to spend $150-$260, or you are able to spend $100-3200. Of course, there are a lot of nuances, even when it comes to selecting the coil for your device. Mainly because stock coils are for regular search, and they are designed to work on any soil, and your search is at the beach – you’ll need a different one. Besides, if we’re talking about a sea beach —  mineralization of the soil is much stronger there than on the ordinary river bank. Therefore, you need a metal detector and a coil that can resist strong mineralization. This will ensure stable operation, absence of glitches and false signals. As a result, you’ll get higher ratio of good finds plus a good income from finding jewellery.

Cheap metal detectors for the beach for $150-$260.

So, in the $150-$260 price category, the best metal detectors for beach are manufactured by Garret, particularly the Ace models. Of course, they are not «beach-specific» models per say, but nevertheless you can search for coins and jewellery at the beach with those easily. The most popular purchases are the inexpensive models — ACE 150 and ACE 250. They’re almost the same, the main difference being the 250 having a pinpoint function — it really helps when searching in the sand. For beach metal detecting the Ace 250 model is recommended. As an option, to increase the «coolness» of the device, you can buy an additional coil, for example from Nel.


Minelab. Of course, these detectors are more expensive (if you compare similar models), but the Minelabs have more understandable controls and graphic representation with VDI numbers. For beginners this would be really helpful. In this price category, consider the entry-level Minelab X Terra 305. All other Terra devices are much more expensive.

From Fisher devices also consider Fisher F2 and Fisher F4 models.

As you can see, you can buy a metal detector for the beach hunting for around $150-$260. If you do your searches regularly, you can easily get the investment back in one season, sometimes even in one lucky outing.

Let’s consider a price category slightly higher.

Metal detectors ranging $350-600.

In this price category there are devices of advanced level, with better protection from mineralization, more precise definition (discrimination), they are easier and more convenient to search with, but you’ll have to pay the premium.

The best representative of a series for beach hunting for gold and silver is the amphibian metal detector Garret AT PRO


If you are going to look on the beach often – definitely buy this one. You can search not only on the shore and in the coastal zone «knee-deep”, but you can also go much deeper underwater. This is a waterproof metal detector, all you’ll need to do is to get a wetsuit and a scuba. You’ll be ready to go hunt for underwater treasures.



In addition to Garret AT PRO, there are strong middle-priced devices from Minelab — it’s the X Terra 505 or more «cool» X Terra 705.

At large, 705 is not better at beach metal detecting then 505. To search for gold and silver on the beach those Minelabs better be equipped with a high-frequency coil 18.75 kHz at 10.5 «.

To sum up, any metal detector could work for jewellery search on the beach – from more inexpensive beginner models, to more advanced, waterproof metal detectors at a higher price. For the beach search, use regular MONO coils, they perfectly center small targets, and their pinpoint does not lie (unlike when using large DD-coils, which we would not recommend to use at the beach at all, there’s too much garbage for them). Try mono-coils or small DD-coils, they will work just fine in places with garbage. We wish you good purchases and of course more and more successful finds at the beach. Good luck!

ModelFeaturesRecommendationWhere to buy/Price
Garret ACE 250

-Iron Discrimination Segments : 2
-Accept/Reject Discrimination : YES
-Search Modes : 5 (plus Pinpoint)
-Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments : 8
-Frequency : 6.5 kHz
-Audio Tone ID Levels : 3
-Standard Searchcoil : 6.5" x 9" PROformance™
-Length (Adjustable) : 42" to 51" (1.06m - 1.29m)
-Total Weight : 2.7 lbs. (1.2 kgs.)
-Batteries : 4 AA (included)
-Warranty : 2 Year
Best Buy for $150

Minelab Fisher F4
-Operating Principle : VLF induction balance
-Frequency : 6.8 kHz
-Search Coil : 11 inch elliptical biaxial search coil
-Weight : 2.8 lb 1.4 kg
-Recommended : Beach Hunting, Hunting for relics & coin shooting

Best Buy for $260

Garret AT PRO
-Target ID Cursor Segments : 12 (notchable)
-Iron Discrimination Segments : 40
-Accept/Reject Discrimination : Yes
-Search Modes : 6 (3 Standard, 3 Pro modes)
-Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments : 8
-Electronic Pinpointing : Yes
-Frequency : 15 kHz
-Audio Tone ID Levels : 3
-Standard Searchcoil : 8.5″ x 11″ DD PROformance
-Length (Adjustable) : 42″ to 51″ (1.06m – 1.29m)
-Total Weight : 3.03 lbs. (1.4 kgs.)
-Batteries : 4 AA (included)
-Warranty : 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
Best Buy for $350

Minelab X Terra 705
-Frequency : 18.75 kHz
-Autotune Mode(s) : Preset Slow Autotune
-Ground Rejection : Ground Grab, Manual, Tracking
-Soil Adjust : Normal and Salt (Beach) Modes
-Volume Control : Yes
-Threshold Control : Yes
-Tone Adjust : No
-Audio Boost : No
-Frequency Offset : Yes
-Standard Search Coil(s) : 10" x 5" DD
-Battery : 4 AA
-Operating Time : 20 - 30 hours
-Weight : 2.9 pounds
Best Buy for $600